Healthcare Experience 


Approximate Federal Healthcare Construction Contracts To Date


Number of VA Campuses Worked At


SF of Healthcare Construction

Providence VAMC Mental Health Building

Providence VAMC, Providence, RI | $14.0 M | 15,300 SF

This purpose of this project was to construct a new Mental Health Building to serve patients at the Providence VAMC in Rhode Island. Work included preparing the site for building operations, demolition and removal of existing structures, and construction of the new 15,300 SF, three-story facility. The completed facility has cast-in-place concrete foundations, structural steel framing, metal stud non-loadbearing framing and exterior finishes of brick face, concrete block veneer, precast architectural panels, architectural metal wall panels, and EPDM roofing materials. ­­

Entrance to the West Palm Beach VAMC in Florida

Design-Build Install Backup Server for Building Automation 

West Palm Beach VAMC, FL | $686 K

This contract required design-build services for demolishing and replacing the existing primary server and installing a redundant server of the Building Automation System (BAS). The redundant system is a complete replica of the BAS located in the existing Energy Center. The secondary server allows remote operation of the building in the even of an incident with the Energy Center primary server.

Design-Build Replace Fire Alarm System

Miami VAMC , FL | $6.9 M

This project addresses the installation and upgrade of the current fire alarm system by removing the entire existing/abandoned fire alarm system component and replacing them with a new Fiber Optic Fire Alarm System. Buildings covered by this upgrade at the Miami VAMC campus are the main hospital, ambulatory care, research and education (Bldg. 7), CLC, PM shop, OR corridor, the utility plant, the Fisher House, and areas outside where the system is tied in.

Community based outpatient clinic building with yellow walls and a silver metal roof

VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Panama City, FL | $9.25 M | 30,150 SF

The project was for the construction of a 30,150 SF Medical Clinic to serve the community in Panama City, FL. In addition to the new medical facility, the site featured a new service road, turn lane, sidewalks, parking lot, and a perimeter fence.

Two-story Naval Branch Clinic with yellow walls and a metal roof.

Naval Branch Health Clinic
Panama City, FL | $1.86 M | 5,132 SF

This contract was for the construction of an approximately 5,132 SF Naval Branch Health Clinic on the same site as the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic, though the two facilities were two separate Government contracts. The scope of work included new construction of the medical facility, site work, grading, drainage, and road construction.

Renovate 5th Floor, D Wing for New Dialysis Unit 

JLM Memorial Veterans Hospital, Little Rock, AR | $2.96 M | 10,477 SF

This project consisted of the complete demolition, abatement, and renovation of the 5th Floor, D Wing at the John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital. New dialysis equipment was installed along with patient lifts, a reverse osmosis system, epoxy floor and wall coatings, cubicle curtain tracks, bathrooms, toilet room accessories, patient headwalls for the dialysis treatment areas and new utility systems to support the upgraded Dialysis Unit.

Renovate the Oncology Suite 

Malcom Randal VAMC, Gainesville, FL | $1.70 M | 4,600 SF

This project consisted of demolishing and remodeling an existing 4,600 SF space on the 4th floor of the Malcolm Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center to create an upgraded Oncology Suite. The full renovation consisted of abatement, interior framing, drywall, paint, flooring, corian wall protection system, doors, frames, hardware, toilet room accessories, signage, and new utility systems to support the Oncology Suite.