Paving Projects

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Pave Cerner Admin Lot for St. Louis VA (John Cochran Division)

$338 K | Recently Awarded | 68 Parking Spaces and Roadwork

St. Louis, MO

This contract is for the exterior site preparation of two VA properties at the corner of Windsor Place Ave. and Alphonus Street. The combined area of both sites is 21,00 SF enclosed with barbed wire fence, some broken asphalt, and compacted aggregate fill. The site will require grading to maintain the current drainage pattern and asphalt paving and electrical preparation for modular trailers by others.

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Asphalt Repair for West Palm Beach VAMC

$440 K | On-going

West Palm Beach, FL

This project is to remove the existing overlay, scarify the base layer from curb to curb, and lay a bonding tack coat to the base layer, and lay a new wear layer of a minimum 1 ½” thickness on the drive circle, Military Trail entrance and certain other areas at the WPB VAMC.

Paving Repairs for Providence VAMC

$2.37 M | Completed 2019 | 68 Spaces and Roadwork 

Providence, RI

For this project, we will demolish and remove the existing pavement (roadway and parking lot), site lighting, and related above and below grade structures. We will then realign the roadway and replace the pavement along Air Force Drive. The existing Air Force Drive from the intersection of Armed Forces Boulevard to the Maintenance lots will be removed and resurfaced. We will also perform the related modifications and renovations to the adjoining Parking Lot 10 and the police parking area. The existing Parking Lot 10 will be rebuilt, including excavation, paving, and curbing, as well as new surface and sub-surface drainage. The new Parking Lot 10 will be expanded in size and realigned with the new roadway with traffic markings and signage.

Pave Gravel Lots for Dallas VAMC

$6.95 M | Completed 2018 | 400 spaces and Utility Work

Dallas, TX

The purpose of this project was to convert existing gravel/grassy lots, located on 6.4 acres at the Southeast side of the VAMC Dallas Campus, into paved parking lots, creating approximately 400 paved parking spaces.  It also consisted of creating a building pad with all the site utility infrastructure installed to the pad for a future surgical center. This project was heavy with site utilities that were extended across the campus from existing connection points.